Living Well with Dementia in South Tipperary

About Living Well with Dementia South Tipperary

The service which is funded by the Health Service Executive (HSE) and run in cooperation with Family Carers Ireland provides a broad range of supports and services which are designed to help people live as well and as independently as they can at home in their own community.

Project Overview

The Living Well with Dementia website had a lot of content and the challenge was organising it into an easy-to-navigate website as well as making it scalable. There would be a lot of content added to the site in the future so it needed to be able to handle hosting a large amount of files and booklets.

The website needed to have good accessibility for people who maybe have poor eyesight or difficulty navigating web pages.

The website's main goal was to act as a place where people could get information and access support.

I was delighted to help get this great resource off the ground.

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